How We’ve Maintained the Best Service in Australia

May 07, 2018

You’re a pro at what you do, and you should expect your uniform rental supplier to be just as good at what they do! Here at Australian Uniform Service, we pride ourselves on having created the most efficient, effective laundering service available to our clients. Here’s how we’ve done it:

Long-Time Industry Presence

Australian Uniform Service has been servicing Australian businesses for nearly two decades. In those two decades, we’ve seen the biggest changes in technology and logistics than the industry has ever seen before. We’re incredibly proud of the way that we’ve adapted to these changes in technology—our company is just as much a logistics company as we are a laundering company, and modern-day logistics expectations have pushed us to offer quicker turnarounds and more organized systems. We’ve successfully achieved this, while never sacrificing the quality of the products we launder.

Here’s a quick look at our process:


Full-Service Product Offering

When you partner with Australian Uniform Service, you’ve found a partner in maintaining the most professional uniform rental programme in the country AND you’ve found a company that provide the same exceptional service for your mats, towels, and wipes.

On Time, Every Time

We drill this mantra into each of our team members’ minds. Every client should expect to have their uniforms, mats, or towels refreshed according to an agreed-upon date. Without our efficiency, our clients’ businesses suffer. We take this seriously and are committed to being the most trustworthy vendor your company will ever partner with.

Trust us. We’re the kind of company you want your business to partner with.  Call us today to get started!