The “Halo” Effect of Uniforms

December 03, 2015

Uniforms aren’t just for schools, but are instead a tremendous asset in building brand loyalty. What your uniforms say about your company is important, and that message is spoken each time your employees suit up. Studies show that consumers view employees who wear uniforms as more professional, organized and reliable than their non-uniformed counterparts. This idea is often referred to by scientists as the “Halo Effect,” a perceived link between appearance and positive public perceptions.

This phenomenon is similar to the association people make when they may interpret someone as more intelligent because they wear eyeglasses, or as having more redeemable qualities because of physical attractiveness. Why do uniforms have this effect? A uniform promotes a consistent brand image, conveys authority, and clearly identifies employees to consumers. Uniforms, like many branded items, evoke assumptions and associations about the wearer, in the same way your business brand informs your customers about your company values.

In practice, the Halo Effect is often at work when people judge others in a positive overall manner based entirely on a single, observed attribute. In the world of work apparel, this applies the overwhelmingly positive reaction of consumers to employees in personalized company uniforms, leading to both new interactions and repeat business.

Employing consistent-looking, quality garments with identifiable color schemes, company logos, and other customizations is a key way to take advantage of the Halo Effect. By outfitting your employees in these image-enhancing uniforms, you differentiate yourself from competitors and are more able to attract consumer attention. Think of your uniforms as a “walking billboard,” helping potential customers recall your business in multiple ways while providing the Halo Effect glow.

It’s no wonder that companies with managed uniform programs have an “aura of success” about them. If you’re ready to have your bottom line improved by personalized, branded uniforms, give Australian Uniform a call! Contact us for help in Queensland at 07 3865 1300, New South Wales at 02 9638 1777, Victoria at 03 9706 6466 or online using our contact form.