Closer look: Uniform Rental Programme

February 16, 2017

The recurring expenses of commercial laundering are astronomical: equipment, water, detergent, energy, time and ultimately money. Business owners have enough things to worry about — what their employees are wearing shouldn’t be one of them.

Australian Uniform Service designed a unique Uniform Rental Programme, which covers your complete uniform and commercial laundering needs. The programme can be broken down into four simple steps:

1. Deliver clean uniforms

Once a week (or however often your company deems necessary), we’ll bring fresh, clean uniforms right to your door. They will arrive either hung or folded, ready to be worn.

2. Collect soiled uniforms

While dropping off the clean uniforms, AUS will pick up all the soiled uniforms. We’ll also grab any towels, tea towels, cabinet towels and mats that are part of your rental agreement.

3. Clean

Next we’ll clean your uniforms and mend/replace any damaged garments. (Note: AUS will inspect all garments upon uniform pick-up and make repairs/replacements as necessary.)

4. Repeat

Enjoy the benefits of having your workwear professionally cleaned, ready for the working week ahead!

What are you waiting for? Contact Australian Uniform Service and get started with a customized uniform rental plan TODAY! We have locations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. All have been awarded National HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) accreditation (c/o SAI Global Food Safety CODEX Certification).