Why Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day

March 15, 2018

Even if you don’t own an Apple product, chances are you’ve heard of its eccentric founder, Steve Jobs.

Brilliant, visionary, and even maniacal — much as been said about the man behind the company. Almost seven years after his death, Jobs is still one of the more intriguing personalities in popular culture, the topic of countless articles, books, and Hollywood films.

His unique style of leadership and personal behavior is worth exploring (some controversies notwithstanding), and today we will examine one of his more memorable quirks, namely, his outfit.

It’s a look almost as iconic as the company he started. New Balance shoes, black socks, beltless jeans, and a plain black turtleneck.

Why did Steve Jobs decide to wear this simple and, quite frankly, unremarkable outfit every day of his life?

Let’s take a look.

You can focus on things that matter

Jobs had a multitude of lofty, ambitious goals during his time at Apple. Revolutionary concepts like fitting thousands of songs into the palm of your hand, reinventing the smart phone, and popularizing the handheld tablet — these are the things he wanted to spend time on.

In the words of fellow billionaire Mark Cuban, when you get to a certain level of wealth, “time is a far more valuable asset [than money].”

With a limited number of hours in a day, and a seemingly limitless number of professional goals, Steve Jobs decided to direct his energy toward things that truly mattered.

Streamlining the everyday process of selecting clothes no doubt allowed him to focus more completely on other things.

You can build and reinforce your brand

As the Founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs realized that every public appearance —personal or work-related — was in effect a commercial for the business.

The man and the company were married (and largely still are) in a unique and irrevocable way, and for this reason his words, actions, and appearance were considered an extension of Apple itself.

In many ways, his outfit accurately reflected the Apple brand. Simple, sleek, and minimalistic. Functional but never too flashy.

Aesthetically Apple products have always exemplified the “less is more” philosophy, and for many years when Jobs described new products, he offered a straightforward maxim: “It just works.”

The same can be said about Jobs’s wardrobe. A plain black turtleneck over jeans and New Balance joggers. Simple, clean, and visually nothing to write home about. But it just works.

Be honest. What does your uniform say about your brand? Does it reaffirm or distract from your company’s mission statement?

For better or worse, your employees are walking billboards for your business. Whether they’re on the job site or out in public, people will inevitably associate their appearance with your company. Make sure they’re presentable!

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