Renting vs. Buying Uniforms

June 29, 2015

The Matildas did a great job in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and we loved watching them play… not only for their amazing football skills, but also for their kits! A uniform says a lot about you, and there is a reason that the Matildas took great care to make sure their uniforms stayed bright during the World Cup. When you maintain your garments at the highest quality, you look better, feel better, and are likely to work harder and play better. But what happens when you don’t have time to do that? Renting your uniforms from a provider instead of purchasing them is one of the best and convenient reasons to keep your uniform in top shape. If you were looking for more reasons, look no further.

The garments are maintained at the highest quality.

When the world is watching the Matildas play, they don’t want to see grass stains from last match, they want to watch the women shine! Uniform rentals are thoroughly inspected for potentially staining agents, tears, and worn areas before being washed, dried, and delivered. This professional laundering makes sure every aspect from detergent to water temperature is ideal to preserve the garment.

Hygiene is always a high consideration.

Let’s face it, football is a sweaty game, and the Matildas are always training, always working hard. They need to know that their kit is clean and ready for the next game as soon as they are. While doctors understand the need for the cleanest of clean uniforms, all industries can benefit from a higher standard. Properly removing all soiling from the garment not only keeps them looking and smelling fresh, but it stops contaminants from breaking down the fibers, meaning you can keep your uniforms in working shape for longer.

Colour contamination and deterioration won’t happen.

How embarrassing would it be for a Manchester United player to have one of their red away kits turn all their white home kits pink? When you’re using a professional launderer for your garments, colour contamination won’t happen. Your whites stay white, reds stay red, and the green and gold stays as vibrant as ever.

The clothing is monitored throughout its life.

Peeling numbers or fading patches won’t do anything to impress the world, but for those who require uniforms for their safety while on the job, having a tired uniform may be a life-threatening situation. You need to know that you’re highly visible and well protected while you’re working, even if your job is to own the pitch. For less dangerous professions, each uniform-clothed employee is still a reflection on your brand and a representation of what you value most. In the case of the Matildas, they are also representing their country. Letting the professionals monitor your garments keeps you looking professional to the rest of the world.

The price of a uniform is important, but so is the cost of uniform maintenance.

How can you work or play your best when you don’t look your best? Hiring a uniform service to keep up with the maintenance of your uniforms free up time for you, more time on the job or on the pitch, free up costs associated with laundering them, and ensure that your uniforms are maintained to be their best the entire time. Also, if your company experiences a high turnover rate, renting can save the headache of repeatedly purchasing uniforms that may never be used again.

Now if we have you screaming “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi” and uniform rentals seem like the solution for you, feel free to browse our brochure guide or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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