Protect Your Floor and Business With Mats

June 17, 2015

We’ve already shown you how to prevent slips and falls using our high quality floor mats, but there is so much more mats do to improve your business’ appearance and cleaning costs. Entry mats can be a powerful ally in any season to help keep your facilities clean and presentable.

Neat and clean surroundings are very important for your company’s image, both to potential customers as well as your employees. However, dirt and dust are produced everywhere, all the time. The most efficient solution for a good, clean and hygienic presentation of your company’s premises is the use of dust control mats – on a professional service basis.

The best mats are made of a fine-ply carpeting in order to absorb most materials. Placing them where people enter and walk through your building not only keeps your place clean, but also reduces maintenance costs. Mats can trap up to 80% of the dust that is carried into buildings on people’s shoes. This may not seem like a lot, but 1,000 people can carry in over 10 kilograms of dirt in just 20 days. In inclement weather, the amount of accumulated dirt can double and be difficult to remove. All that debris isn’t just unpleasant to look at– it can also hurt your wallet. The International Sanitary Supply Association ( found that removing just one kilogram of dirt from a business’ floor could cost more than $1,500 AUD.

Additionally, trapping the dust and dirt ahead of time reduces floor abrasion and maintenance costs. Less abrasion preserves floor quality and aesthetics beyond just the elimination from dirt particles embedded within. Natural wood floors suffer the most, as abrasive particles can wear away stain and polish, but tile and other hard floor surfaces also suffer from dirt accumulation. It is most noticeable in darkened and discolored grout lines. And let’s not forget about your health!  With less dust floating around, you may also benefit from improved air quality and reduced allergen exposure.

Looking to add even more purpose to your floor mats? Custom logo mats offer the same benefits regular dust mats, but they also serve as a great advertising opportunity for your business. Using customised and logo mats in areas where either soil could enter your space or a spill may occur can keep everyone safe as well as reinforce your branding!

Having a great mat cleaning service (and extra mats on hand) is a vital step in ensuring your floor mats continue to do their job. Rental mats can give you the peace of mind that your business will have continuous cleanliness 24 hours a day. if you just need a front entrance mat or an entire custom solution, give us a call and our expert team will help find the right set-up and schedule for you.