Prolong the life of your flooring with floor mats

September 28, 2017

Floor mats can benefit your business in a variety of ways, many of which we’ve discussed in previous blogposts (e.g. protecting your employees from dangerous slips, increasing productivity with anti-fatigue mats). But they’re also instrumental in protecting an important investment — your flooring.

When employees or customers enter your facility, they can track in dirt, moisture, and debris.

Over time, these contaminants will wear away at your floor, causing structural damage or unsightly discolouration. Excess moisture in particular can cause a number of problems, including warping, cracks, and mold.

A simple and inexpensive solution is to install standard dust control mats at each entrance point to your workplace.

These mats come in a diversity of colours and sizes, and are engineered to meet the demands of busy public, commercial, and industrial environments.

You may also have employees who stand in one place for an extended period of time, such as dishwashers or assembly line workers. We recommend you use anti-fatigue mats in these specific areas areas, which help protect your flooring and reduce the incidences of strains and injuries.

Australian Uniform Service also offers a wide selection of individualized, branded floor mats. This will allow you to welcome both customers and employees into your place of business with a personalized message or company logo. We’ll work with you to ensure that your brand image is communicated in a professional and practical manner.

Want to learn more about how floor mats can protect your flooring?

Contact Australian Uniform Service today, and we’ll design a plan specific to your company’s needs — budgetary and otherwise. All of our locations have been awarded National HACCP accreditation (c/o SAI Global Food Safety CODEX Certification).