Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

May 21, 2015

As we move into the winter months, unpredictable weather can sideline plans and cause significant problems everywhere. While we’re fortunate enough to be in an an area that avoids snow and ice, many facilities will be affected by winter’s harshest elements, which can also mean in an increase in workplace slip and fall accidents if there aren’t plans in place.

Slip-and-fall accidents cost employers an average of $25,009 AUD a year in worker’s compensation and lost productivity, and for the most part these incidents are entirely preventable. Emphasizing pedestrian safety during the coming months should be a top priority. Ice or water accumulation should be approached with caution, good sense and a good deicer. If you haven’t already, consider assigning a few people to oversee workplace safety. That’s the best way to make sure the job gets done. That team will make sure snow or ice is removed, make sure areas of water collection are clearly marked and in all instances see that all hazards are cleared quickly.

Even without snow and ice, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere: wet or freshly waxed floors, uneven surfaces, loose flooring or carpeting, and areas without handrails are some of the most common places where these accidents happen. Non-slip surfaces, such as floor matting, are an excellent tool to prevent slips and falls. Floor mats are made to absorb water, trap dirt and debris, flatten cords and cables and provide a smooth transition between flooring materials. When mats are oversaturated with water or debris, or when mats are ragged and not lying flat they lose their effectiveness. Having great mat cleaning service (and extra mats on hand) is a vital step in ensuring your floor mats continue to do their job and keep pedestrians safe.

The best time to have a slip-and-fall preparedness plan is before these incidents happen. If your floor mats are looking a little ragged, give Australian Uniform Service a call. We offer anti-fatigue mats, slip-resistant mats and more, in any size and color. Want to customize your matting with your logo? We can do that, too. Contact us today to get started.