Partner Spotlight: NCC Apparel Pty Ltd

February 24, 2016

Our uniform rental service is only as good as the apparel we purchase and customise for you. At Australian Uniform Service, we understand value and quality, so our partners have to as well. We found one such partner in NCC Apparel! NCC Apparel is a leading manufacturer of workwear uniforms and garments for a number of industries to include healthcare, hospitality, and fire retardant fabrics for hazardous work areas. Under the NCC Apparel banner are: Workcraft (, Medi8 (, Chefscraft (, and Flamebuster (

NCC Apparel

As a leader in the uniform laundering service space, Australian Uniform turns to NCC Apparel because of their ability to deliver top quality uniforms and garments that are resilient, functional, and designed to withstand industrial laundering. Because of the high quality and durability of the NCC Apparel product, our uniform laundering programme is cost-effective for commercial businesses and environmentally-friendly in a number of ways.

Established as a family-owned business in 1912, NCC Apparel is and continues to operate out of Dandenong, Victoria. NCC Apparel has roots in Fiji and continues to manufacture their products out of a state-of-the-art facility based in Fiji that employs over five-hundred employees!

NCC’s Fiji factory is licensed to produce wildland garments certified to AS/NZS 4824 and the Victoria operation is an ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified company. This means:

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation you will have implemented Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business, including: Facilities, People, Training, Services, and Equipment –

As with Australian Uniform Service, NCC focus on innovation and quality is supported and exemplified by their maintenance of this certification. You can discover more about NCC Apparel’s products, technology, and rich history by visiting their website,

ChefCraft by NCC Flame Buster flame retardant fabric by NCC MEDI8 by NCC WorkCraft Workwear by NCC



If your business is in the market for workwear, healthcare uniforms, hospitality garments, or flame retardant apparel, combine the experience, history, and quality of two of Australia’s best textile organisations! Learn more about NCC Apparel and Australian Uniform Service by contacting us in Queensland at 07 3865 1300, New South Wales at 02 9638 1777, Victoria at 03 9706 6466 or online today using our contact form.