I spy something orange!

May 15, 2016

Construction is Australia’s third largest industry, contributing 7.8% of the country’s GDP. Low mortgage interest rates, population growth and infrastructure developments indicate that this number will only increase over the next several years. As residential and nonresidential projects continue to grow, it’s increasingly important for construction workers to remain safe on the jobsite. What’s the biggest part of construction safety? Visibility.

Hard hats, harnesses, and safety procedures — none of these things matter unless construction workers can see each other. Road infrastructure projects in particular require passing vehicles to be aware of each and every individual worker. Here are two ways that uniforms help construction workers stay safe:

They’re bright

True fluorescent clothing (whether it’s bright orange, yellow, green or white) seems to glow even during the day. For this reason, high-visibility construction uniforms tend to feature these kinds of bright colors. The science behind flourescent clothing is fascinating: invisible, ultraviolet light rays are absorbed by the fluorescent material and then re-emitted at wavelengths that we can actually see.

They’re reflective

Unlike fluorescent material, reflective material simply bounces light off of its surface. Headlights from oncoming cars, for example, will bounce off of the reflective uniform, making them visible to drivers and other bystanders.

If your uniforms don’t include reflective materials, special tapes and badges can be attached to the clothing. We recommend you implement every means necessary to keep your construction workers safe — including both fluorescent and reflective materials. At Australian Uniform, we provide cost-effective and safe uniform options for construction crews all over the country. To learn more, visit one of our locations or give us a call today.