How customizeable can a uniform programme really be?

October 26, 2017

When we’re meeting potential new clients, we often find that businesses assume that uniform programmes like ours are one-size-fits-all. This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to Australian Uniform Service!

While some of our competitors only offer cookie cutter packages, we are dedicated to providing our clients with programmes completely custom to their business’s unique needs. Here are some ways that we accomplish that:

Seasonal Shift in Uniform Packages

For many of the businesses that we outfit, employees are working outdoors—sometimes during the dark nighttime hours. The heavy material protecting them from cold winters may not fit the bill when the season shifts to spring and summer. Additionally, some of our clients’ warehouses have temperature changes with the seasons. In these cases, where workers are in hotter conditions but aren’t in the sunshine, we’re able to find them a lightweight and short-sleeved solution to their uniform needs. But for workers exposed to the sun, we have uniforms that are long-sleeved and lightweight, so that they’re protected from long hours under the sun’s harmful rays but are still able to stay as cool as possible.

Laundering Frequency and Care

Most businesses require weekly laundering service, but we’re always able to shift to more or less frequent laundering, as our clients specify. Another little-known (and rare) feature of our rental programme is that we measure and size each individual employee using our programme, so that all garments are fitted correctly. We also provide alterations! We constantly maintain our garments—meaning that repairs and replacements are included with our rental service! See more details about this in our Workwear and Uniform Brochure.

Other Services Readily Available

When clients need a uniform programme, they’re often also in need of materials like anti-fatigue mats for their workers (which, by the way, really work!) as well as regular mats and maintenance supplies for their general operations. Lucky for our clients, we’re able to provide those products and ensure that they’re seamlessly maintained as efficiently as their uniform programme is!

Are you ready to see firsthand how our clients save time and money with our uniform rental programme?  Contact one of our locations today to talk to one of our representatives about how you can get started!