Going Green with Cotton Cabinet Towels

January 15, 2017

What does cleanup currently look like at your facility? Do you go through more paper towel rolls than you can count? Not only is that wasting money, but it’s also increasing your business’s environmental footprint, an issue that’s increasingly important to today’s consumer.

You shouldn’t believe that your business won’t benefit from “going green.” Even if your company has nothing to do with environmental causes, customers now perceive brands to be more trustworthy if they’re working towards sustainability.

Cotton Towels Save Money

While, yes, some companies are making the move only to impress their customers, many are making the move because of the money it saves in the long-run. If average-sized families are saving $1,000 every 5 years by switching to cloth towels from paper towels, how much more could a company of your size save?

If you were to switch your facility’s bathrooms from paper towel dispensers to our 100% cotton towel cabinets, not only would you save on the thousands of dollars you spend refilling the (often non-absorbent) paper towels, but you’d be saving your team the invaluable resource of time, since we do the legwork of picking up and laundering the cotton rolls for you.

Have we piqued your interest? Good! You’re one step closer to making one of the smartest business decisions of 2017. Contact us TODAY to learn how we can be your partner in saving money and increasing efficiency.