Australia’s 2016 Olympics uniforms

June 28, 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games take place this August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Australia’s finest athletes have a brand new set of uniforms in which to compete.

First, for the opening ceremony, our competitors will sport striped, mint green blazers with white skirts/shorts. They’ve been called eerily Harry Potter-esque, but we think they look pretty sharp. Former Olympians Giaan Rooney and Matthew Mitcham said that green and gold are “notoriously difficult” colours to pull off, and the blazers paired with gold ties seem to work quite nicely.

Each blazer includes both the names of every Australian Olympic gold medalist and a pocket to store the athletes’ smartphones.

What will the athletes wear when they’re competing? Our Olympians have just approved a set of uniforms from Adidas, which include revolutionary CLIMACHILL technology to combat the infamous Brazilian summer heat.

At the end of the day, the athletes’ opinions matter most, and they seem to like the new uniforms. What do you think — do you like the new look for our Olympic team?

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