CSCNetwork and Membership

November 13, 2015

Most industries have associations, groups, and networks that the business can join to share resources. These associations help to build awareness around an industry while also creating an environment for innovation. Combining the best minds in any category leads to healthy competition. The CSCNetwork is one of the biggest and best laundry networks in the world. The CSC consists of 175 independent rental laundries in the US, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico. These businesses, like Australian Uniform Service, focus on uniforms, linen rentals, and dust control.


The greatest value Australian Uniform Service receives from our membership with the CSC is the ability to network with other laundry operators who face the same problems that we do. The CSC’s Annual Convention provides us with a lot of value due to the quality of the speakers and presentations. The buying programs have provided us with additional alternative suppliers who can add value to our business; these partnerships with additional suppliers allow us to be competitive with pricing and maximize value, which our customers receive the benefit of.

Central States Corporation (CSC) began in 1979, centered around a number of different products and solutions. In 1998, the organization became CSCNetwork centering on national buying and supporting the laundering industry. Using the collective purchasing power of the group, the CSC helps vendors, suppliers, and launders build relationships that increase the ability of organisations to provide their services.

In 2014, CSCNetwork Members received more than $3 Million in rebates directly from program suppliers.

CSCNetwork negotiates discounts with more than 75 rental industry specific suppliers and a few, key direct sale suppliers. The combined member volume enables CSCNetwork to offer greater discounts than most other buying groups. See our featured article in the fourth quarter CSCNetwork News.

Australian Uniform Service uses the benefits gain from being a member of the CSC to keep costs low for businesses making use of our commercial laundry and uniform rental services. Along with our CSC membership, we continue to work towards HACCP certification for all locations to meet our restaurant clientele food safety standards, improving the quality and safety food industry businesses offer their customers. To learn more about Australian Uniform Service for your linen, textile, and dust control or to discuss the CSCNetwork, contact us for Queensland at 07 3865 1300, New South Wales at 02 9638 1777, Victoria at 03 9706 6466 or online using our contact form.