Could Your Business Benefit from New Floor Mats?

May 11, 2017

As business owners, you’re responsible to maintaining a clean and safe environment for both employees and your customers — and that starts from the ground up. At Australian Uniform Service, we offer a wide array of floor mats for your business. Here are just a few of the types of mats in which we specialize:

Dust control mats

Our extensive collection of dust control mats is engineered to meet the demands of busy public, commercial, and industrial environments. These mats capture up to 80% of the dust, dirt, moisture, and debris that customers and employees track into your building.

At Australian Uniform Service, you pay no upfront cost when you use our mats — just rent them from us, and we’ll take care of everything else. Each week, a friendly AUS representative will arrive, pick up your dirty mats, and replace with clean ones.

Anti-fatigue mats

Keep your employees happy, safe, and working at 100% productivity with anti-fatigue mats. If your workers are on their feet most of the day (particularly if they’re standing in the same spot for extended periods of time), they might benefit from anti-fatigue mats strategically installed in your warehouse or workplace.

The flexible materials forces constant motion in your feet, improving posture, increasing circulation, and alleviating knee/joint pain.

Individual company logo mats

When customers enter your business, chances are the first thing they’ll do is wipe their feet at the door. With branded mats from AUS, they’ll be instantly reminded of your company logo, motto, or any personalized image/message of your choosing.

In an increasingly crowded marketplaces, the more opportunities your customers have to absorb your company imagery — the better.

Want to learn more about how your business could benefit from our floor mats?

Contact Australian Uniform Service today! With locations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, we’re willing and able to help your company in any way we can. All locations been awarded National HACCP accreditation (c/o SAI Global Food Safety CODEX Certification).