How to combat dust in the workplace

July 28, 2016

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and where there’s air, there’s dust. We usually only spot dust when it accumulates on a flat surface, but it’s everywhere. And in work environments, it can be a real problem. Airborne dust can pose a serious problem when inhaled, placing both employees and employers at risk of occupational disabilities.

Even more alarming, some facilities (rubber, plastic, paper, textile, etc.) produce combustible dust which can trigger large-scale explosions and fires.

Here are a couple ways you can combat dust contamination in your workplace:

1. Use dust control mats

Dust control mats work by collecting and controlling dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.

Our comprehensive collection of dust control mats is engineered to meet the demands of busy public, commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

2. Use cloth towels/wipes

Cloth towels/wipes have a number of benefits, including a significant decrease in paper waste.

However, they also allow you to wipe away dust both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Australian Uniform Service is committed to being a high hygiene laundry service, so you won’t have to worry about that dust coming back to haunt you. We also supply a broad range of hand towels, tea towels and aprons, all of which can help curb the problem of dust and contamination in your workplace.

Want to learn more? Contact us TODAY or visit one of our locations in your area. We have facilities in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria — all have completed HACCP certification.