Why Bosses Should Let Employees Choose Their Uniforms

June 10, 2018

Choosing uniforms is usually the boss’s job, and why shouldn’t it be? The boss makes all the big decisions and has (probably) spent years curating the company’s look.

Where some bosses fall short, however, is by not taking employee opinion into account when choosing new uniforms.

Have you made that mistake? Maybe your employees haven’t complained, but we can assure you that they’ll be much happier if they get to be a part of the decision next time.

Here’s why:

Material Choice

Not all material is the same. And, for outdoor workers, all material is definitely not meant to work the same all year-round. If your employees frequently work up a sweat, you may be surprised at the breathable options on the market today.

And conversely, if workers have to be exposed to cold conditions, they probably have great ideas for the kinds of uniforms that work well under layers of warmth. They’ll also know better than you would what kinds of jackets are the most flexible.

The Little Details

From buttons and zippers getting in the way to pockets being too bulky for daily work, your workers have definitely experienced the shortfalls of an uncomfortable uniform.

Most often, the look of the uniform is great—and maybe even comfortable!— but there are little finishes that get in the way of working comfortably and efficiently.

Opportunity to be Transparent

Uniforms may be a small decision on the boss’s long list of things to tackle, but it’s one that intimately affects each employee every single day. Opening up a dialogue with your employees about their uniforms is an opportunity to show them that you care about their opinions and that you want them to be happy.

If you can’t find something that meets everyone’s wishes, that’s just another opportunity for you to communicate with them. Let them know how the company makes decisions and how you’re always trying to keep them first.

Australian Uniform Service wants to be your teammate in keeping your employees happy. We’re experts at managing uniform programmes, so that it’s one thing off your list.

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