Australian Uniform Service’s GEM Award

December 16, 2016

Once every quarter, Australian Uniform Services nominates a staff member from each location to receive the AUS GEM award. The award is designed to recognize employees who’ve consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and assisted their peers — even when it’s above and beyond their everyday role.

To get a better idea of the kind of people the GEM award recognized, take a look at a few of our past winners:

Jason Wanoa

“They’re all chasin’ Jason.” When it comes to setting the standard for excellent service, Jason Wanoa from our QLD branch certainly leads the pack.

Jason has consistently gone over and above in his efforts to serve our customer base. He’s willingly taken on the role of trainer for new CSR’s and has ensured that his principles and work ethic are continued in the group.

He’s also assisted with many of the new installs in conjunction with the Sales team and is always on the lookout for new business opportunities.

The AUS culture of Service Excellence can only be developed and continued with the hard work and support of team members like Jason. His unwavering commitment to getting the job done is an inspiration to us all. Well done, Jason.

Tausala Ese

Tausala has been working at AUS for the past 2 years. Working in the washroom, he loads/unloads washers and moves trolleys full of clean laundry from one plant to the next. Tausala has also filled in different positions for his co-workers when they’re on annual or sick — a true all-rounder!

A quiet achiever, Tausala is rarely heard — we only see flashes of him as he swiftly moves through the plant, working tirelessly through his tasks. You’d never know if he’s having a bad day because he’s always smiling! His relentlessly positive attitude is incredibly important to a business like AUS.

In recognition of his hard work, work ethic and ‘BIG SMILE,’ Tausala Ese was awarded our GEM award. Thanks for everything you do, Tausala!

Gabby Kaur

A member of our Textiles department, Gabby Kaur is an outstanding employee who always meets and exceeds our expectations. As a result of her methodical nature and strict adherence to our processes, we’ve seen considerable improvements in our textiles department, which has resulted in increased productivity, greater efficiencies, fewer errors and a happier customer base!

She is incredibly well-liked and respected by her peers, and she embodies the positive culture that all businesses want to see implemented in their workplace. Congratulations, and well done, Gabby!