AUS is your one stop shop in food safety

September 19, 2017

If your business is involved in the food and beverage industry (i.e. any business which involves the handling of any type of food for sale), the government imposes a number of strict standards and regulations for food safety. These standards, which include health and hygiene obligations for food handlers, are an attempt to lower the incidence of food-borne illness.

At Australian Uniform Service, all three of our locations (Queensland, NSW and Victoria) have been awarded National HACCP accreditation (c/o SAI Global Food Safety CODEX Certification). This certification was earned in recognition of our continued commitment to ensuring the highest hygiene standards in every step of our laundering process. We’re both dedicated and equipped to respond to changing conditions with new, innovative solutions that work for your business.

In simpler terms, whatever your employers are wearing, we’ll make sure they’re fresh, clean, and safe — for both your employees and your customers.

What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing risk and, when central to an active food safety programme, can provide vendors, the public and government sector bodies with a high degree of comfort that food safety is being taken seriously and is well managed.

Interested in implementing a uniform program geared toward food safety?

Contact Australian Uniform Service today. We’ll design a plan specific to your company’s individual needs.