Anti-Fatigue Mats — They Really Work!

January 31, 2017

If your job requires standing all day, you know the woes that come with it—knee aches, ankles popping, sore back, the works!

What makes me so sore?

The pain that comes from standing all day is simply a result of your muscles being constricted for a long period of time, inhibiting adequate blood flow to the lower parts of your limbs and concentrating pressure in your lower back. While you can certainly experience this temporarily—say, after a work day that required an unusual amount of standing—the pain can also become a permanent, chronic problem, if not kept in check.

How can a mat help?

The trick to an anti-fatigue mat is that it’s flexible. It creates constant motion for your feet! As the diagrams in this blog illustrate, your feet are prompted to move just slightly, all throughout the day. This constant, subtle movement is equally helpful for workers who usually sit, but have started using a standing desk to avoid the dangerous side effects of sitting all day.

In fact, one study found that, beyond the alleviation of pain that anti-fatigue mats provide, there are even statistically significant benefits to be gained from standing on them! These benefits include improved posture, circulation, and knee pain!

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