3 Common Uniform Mistakes

May 27, 2016

If you’re in the process of selecting a uniform for your company, there are several common mistakes you should avoid. Uniforms are the often the personal face of your business, so it’s incredibly important to choose wisely. Here are three mistakes we see a lot in the industry:

Only choosing name brands

It’s tempting to choose simply what you know or what you’re familiar with. But often times the name on the tag can distract you from what best suits your needs. All manufacturers focus on different uniform features (anything from stain resistance to covered buttons), so it benefits your business to go through a careful consideration of all available brands.

Choosing based strictly on price

Frugality is important, especially for a growing business. But it should never come at the expense of employee safety  or your brand image. Be sure to consider the quality of the garment — what it’s made of, what it looks like, and how long it will last. The cruel irony is that choosing lower quality uniforms in order to save a few dollars will end up costing you more long-term in replacement costs.

Ignoring legal requirements

For some businesses, employee safety is as equally important (if not more important) as establishing a brand image.  Different industries require features like chemical protection, food safety, and reinforcement. These things are crucial not only for employee safety, but also for shielding your company from liability. Australian Uniform will work with you to ensure both your employees and your company are protected.

At Australian Uniform we focus on tailoring a plan that fits your needs and budget, whether you are purchasing uniforms or are a member of our garment rental programme. If you’d like to learn more about selecting the right uniforms for your business, visit one of our locations or contact us today!