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Uniform Rental Programme

The person who realised ‘time is money’ must have been stuck doing the wash. Allowing Australian Uniform Service to cover your uniform and commercial laundering needs will save you wearing out your equipment, water, detergent, energy, time and ultimately money.

For each of our clients we formulate a product / uniform rental programme to fit your business, including fitting and measuring for uniforms, corporate emblems and names, industrial quality laundering, quality control monitoring, continuous repairs and on-time delivery.



Once a week we will deliver fresh, clean uniforms straight to your door.

Collect Soiled Laundry

Collect Soiled Laundry

Once a week we will pick up the soiled uniforms from your premises.

Clean, Mend, Replace

Clean, Mend, Replace

Once collected, we clean your uniforms and mend or replace any damaged garments.

Clean Uniforms

Clean Uniforms

Enjoy the benefits of having your workwear professionally cleaned, ready for the working week ahead!


Deliveries will be once a week unless otherwise specified, at which time clean garments will be delivered and soiled garments will be collected for cleaning. At the same time, we will also collect and exchange any towels, tea towels, cabinet towels and mats that are on a rental system.

Staff Uniform Turnover

When staff leave, we incorporate these changes quickly and efficiently. Just collect all the uniforms from the departing staff member and return them during your weekly pick-up. The charge for those uniforms will then be removed from your weekly invoice. Similarly with new staff members, simply notify Australian Uniform Service of your staff addition and we will arrange to obtain the new staff member’s sizes and supply the uniforms as soon as possible.


Each individual using our uniform rental system will be measured and sized to ensure that all garments are fitted correctly. If necessary, garments will be altered to the appropriate size. Garments are constantly maintained, and any repairs or replacements are included as part of our rental service. Download our workwear and uniform brochure for highlights.

To assist in the maintenance of garments, customers can inform the service person of any repairs that need completing; however, Australian Uniform Service will inspect all garments upon uniform pick-up and make repairs and replacements as necessary. Items under repair will be returned to you within 7 days. 


Special monograms and coordinated outfits say a lot about your company while ensuring easy identification and security. Company and name emblems are an essential part of our uniform programme. We will customise your uniforms to fit your company’s needs.

safe and secure work environment

Australian Uniform Service is committed to providing you with products and services that promote a safe and healthy work environment. If you’re ready to revolutionise your business, contact us today! We have locations in queensland, new south wales, and victoria to serve your commercial laundry and workwear needs.